Shop confidently with SafeKey







If you love to shop online, it’s important to stay safe. SafeKey makes the process secure,

so you can focus on the fun part – choosing what to buy.




What is it?

A feature that uses the latest 3D Secure technology to help protect you against fraud

while shopping online by confirming it's really you making the purchase.








When will I see it?


When you shop on certain sites, SafeKey will appear as a box during the checkout stage.

SafeKey Verification Code Screen
SafeKey Verification Code Screen
SafeKey Verification Code Screen


What do I have to do?


Most of the time, you don't need to do anything - SafeKey will work in the background as you     

make your purchase. 


Sometimes we may need to send you a verification code via email or SMS. To ensure you can receive verification codes, check that your contact details are up to date.


 You may also need to enter part of your Card PIN for additional verification. This is the same PIN
that you use in-store. You can view your Card PIN in your Online Account.




Your Express List


Due to new regulations, we’re changing the way you make purchases online by sending you more verification codes.


To make shopping online speedy, simple, and secure, you can add websites you frequently shop at to your Express List and we’ll stop sending you a verification code, unless we need to make sure it's you.


Express List FAQs