Add additional Supplementary Cards

Add a Supplementary Cardmember to your Account and share the benefits of American Express with those close to you.


Additional Cardmembers share benefits such as travel protection, 24 hour Card Replacement and can also help you as the main account holder to earn 1 point for every US$/€1 they spend on their Card. Building up your Membership Reward points to spend points the way you want on such as gift cards, travel and entertainment products. Browse our Membership Rewards online catalogue for more information.


Important information before you apply:

Supplementary Cards are issued under and subject to the Terms and Conditions of your existing Cardmember Agreement, and as the main Cardmember, you will be responsible for paying all charges on any Supplementary Cards which are added to your Account. Supplementary Cardmembers must be aged 18 or over. Before applying, please ask the Supplementary Cardmember to review the Privacy Statement which sets out how we will use their personal information. Share the security and benefits of the Card with anyone you choose.


Apply below for a Supplementary Card for a partner or family member. As part of the annual fee, main account holders can receive the below number of Supplementary Cards:


Personal Cards:

  • The Basic International Currency Card
    • Supplementary Cards are not available on the Basic Card Account.


Business Cards: