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Business Travel Account

The American Express® Business Travel Account

The American Express Business Travel Account(BTA) combines all of your Company’s Corporate travel expense in one centrally billed account lodged with your Travel Management Company. It gives you:

  • Maximised control: With one centralised account, you can effortlessly approve spend and monitor compliance.
  • Cost savings: Improve cash flow with up to 56 calendar days interest-free extended credit terms, and benefit from complimentary travel insurance complete with 24Hour support from American Express Global Assist®.
  • Time savings: Invoices are consolidated into one simple, clear statement with detailed transaction data, removing the need for processing numerous expense claims.
  • Billing: We can set up central billing accounts for your Company, allowing you to consolidate expenses charged to individual Cards.
  • Programme Administrator Support: 24-hour Helpdesk 8840 7400 (same as above) and office hours Service Fullfilment Unit.

BTA Link

BTALink are unique online networks which are part of BTA that allow your Company to streamline its reconciliation process. Their key features are:

  • Your Company, your Travel Management Company and your American Express Customer Services Team get joint access to data securely, making every step of your reconciliation process faster, simpler and more transparent.
  • It can be seamlessly matched to your Company’s existing processes, providing you with a robust, flexible solution that saves you time and money.
  • Simplify your reconciliation matching process by using online tools, such as extra data fields (e.g. ‘cost centre numbers’).
  • e-invoices save time by automatically linking statements to individual bookings from Travel management companies.