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Pay with Points +


Introducing Pay with Points +, the points redemption program that allows you to pay or part-pay for any item in your Card statement. With 25% better value on your points, you have the freedom to maximise your points at over 80 brands all year round.


With upsized value at S$6 per 1,000 points (instead of the usual S$4.80 base rate), you can offset your purchases with your Membership Rewards® Points, now with Pay with Points +.


Unlock greater rewards with Pay with Points +, simply by redeeming them in your Amex App or online account. With points that do not expire, discover where your points can take you! 


Terms and Conditions apply. 


How it works

Pay with Points with Amex App, Online Account or via SafeKey

PWP Step by Step Guide
Pay with Points

Explore participating Pay with Points + partners under these categories  


Cover your purchase with points at 25% enhanced redemption rate (S$6.00 for every 1,000 points redeemed, instead of the usual S$4.80 base rate) at participating brands.

From shopping to dining or even donating to a good cause you care about, Pay with Points + got you covered on your favourite brands. 



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