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Creating a Payee

You can create a Payee by going to Manage Payees > Manage Payees and clicking the Create tab. Input all the relevant personal and banking information of your new payee then click Create Payee. The information will be verified and stored for future use.

From the provided list, choose the payee whose information you want to view and click Select. If you don’t initially see the payee, you can manually enter the Payee Name, Payee Bank or Payee Currency and click Search. You can also search using their Payee ID or Client Payee ID.

Viewing or Modifying Payees

  • Click the View/Modify tab for a complete alphabetical list of the names of your existing payees. Click on the payee you want and then Select.

  • Alternatively, you can Search for a payee by inputting their details in the relevant boxes on the left-hand side. Their name will then appear in the list. To view their details, click Select.

  • To modify their details, click Modify Payee in the lower right of the page, then make any changes in the information fields. Alternatively, you can click Delete Payee.

  • Once you have made any changes, click Save Changes in the lower right of the page. You’ll see a green message indicating your changes were made successfully. To repeat the process, you can click View/Modify Another Payee.

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