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Using Your Credit Card Abroad

Providing worldwide travel Card assistance

Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, you can shop with confidence knowing your Card is protected anywhere in the world.

Here are just a few ways we keep you safe, wherever you go.




Using your Card's magnetic stripe when overseas


As part of our commitement to safeguard the security of your Card Account, we have put in place additional security measure to provide you with greater peace of mind when you use your American Express® Card.


Card Members will be required to activate the magnetic stripe on their American Express Card(s) to enable the following: 

- Overseas transactions at magnetic stripe (swipe) terminals

- Overseas Cash Withdrawals (ATM)


To activate/deactivate the  magnetic stripe on your Card for overseas use, please use the following: 

- Online at

- Automated Voice System by calling the hotline number printed at the back of your Card

- Card Activation hotline at:


         1800 296 7722 (local) or +65 6296 7722 (from overseas) for Personal Cards
         1800 732 2566 (local) or +65 6732 2566 (from overseas) for Corporate Cards


For more information, please click here for FAQs.




Global Card protection


Shop, dine and sightsee to the max - our intelligent security systems monitor your overseas Card use for anything unusual. If we spot something, we'll take action right away to help protect you from fraud.





Emergency Card replacement

If your Card is lost or stolen on your travels, we'll get a replacement Card to you as quickly as possible. Just get in touch as soon as you notice your Card is missing.


If you've added your Card to Apple Pay, Amex Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay we can update your lost or stolen Card instantly in your mobile wallet – so you can get back to what you were doing.



card assistance

Global Assist 


With most Cards, you'll also get access to our 24-hour emergency helpline, designed to help no matter where you are in the world*.

Our Global Assist service can help with everything from locating lost luggage, replacing prescription meds or contacting someone back home, to finding a lawyer, interpreter or English-speaking doctor in a hurry. 

So wherever you are, relax – we've got your back.


*Not all services are available in all locations, and all are subject to local laws.



Other ways we protect you




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