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If you recently received a letter from us, notifying you of a change to your minimum monthly payment (effective on the date of your first statement after 1 October 2019), this article will help you understand:

  • why we are changing your minimum monthly payment
  • how this will affect you
  • how we are here to support you through this change.

Note: This Help Page is relevant to you if you recently received a notification letter from us that your minimum monthly payment is changing.

If you are unsure whether you are affected by this change, you can confirm by checking which minimum payment type your Account is currently subject to. You can find this information on your monthly statement (online PDF or paper statement). Refer to the Summary Box page at the end of the statement and locate the Minimum Repayment section.


This article is ONLY applicable to you if it says :

(1)    £5 (or the total amount you owe if less) or

(2)   2.5% of the total amount owing



Understanding changes to your minimum monthly payment