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Optimize how you manage recurring payments, so you can focus on running your business.



Simplicity Works.

Would you like to help reduce the time that’s spent chasing down declined transactions for recurring or card-on-file payments?


American Express SmartBill Pro helps save you time. Rather than having to perform card updates, authorization and submission processing as three separate tasks, you can just send your batch file and SmartBill Pro will gather the latest card details, authorize the charges and process them for settlement all in one step.


American Express SmartBill Pro includes CardRefresher capabilities. When you send American Express transactions for processing, the most up-to-date card details from CardRefresher are used to process the transactions, minimizing the chance of declines due to outdated card details.

See how SmartBill Pro simplifies recurring and card-on-file payments.


Uninterrupted Billing

Use integrated card updates* to help reduce payment decline and maintain continuity of billing. This can help facilitate more consistent cash flow over time.

Direct-Connect Processing

Send transactions directly to American Express by uploading your batch file to a secure site—bypassing third-party processors and complicated technology/terminals for processing transactions.

Data Security

Replace sensitive card numbers with Customer Account Numbers—removing the need to store card numbers on your system when you bill your customers.

Simplified Operations

Process charges in a single step rather than three separate steps, process mass numbers of transactions in one file and reduce operational costs related to managing failed payments.

How it Works

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*SmartBill Pro processes payments using updated account information when a Card Member agrees for you: 1) to charge his/her account at regular intervals and/or 2) to store his/her account number and charge the account when the Card Member requests a product or service (i.e. Card-on-File). Card information updates are only available for American Express Proprietary issued cards.


Here’s how you get started:

Step 1

Contact your American Express representative (or use the Contact Us button below) to explore how SmartBill Pro can benefit your business.



Step 2

Integrate the American Express SmartBill Pro file format with your system.

step 3

Begin processing American Express recurring payments by sending the batch file via SmartBill Pro.

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