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Where is American Express accepted?

More Merchants in Australia are choosing to accept American Express. You can use your American Express® Card for purchases big and small, including the places you love to shop at every day. We are continuing to grow our network throughout Australia, ensuring when you want to use your Card, you can.


Where can I use my Amex Card?

American Express Cards are warmly accepted at thousands of Merchants across Australia, whether you’re doing your weekly grocery shop, filling up your car, shopping at your favourite local dress shop, or booking that long awaited holiday.

We want you to have the freedom to use your American Express Card wherever you shop, so if your Card was not warmly accepted when making a purchase, please tell us about it.

Why use it everywhere?

Using your American Express Card more often at more places means taking advantage of all the benefits of being an American Express Card Member. Everywhere you go, you have the reassurance of card protection and the world-class service that we offer.

Card Members enrolled in one of our reward programs such as Membership Rewards, Qantas Frequent Flyer or Velocity Frequent Flyer can also earn points with every purchase. Find out where your Membership Rewards points can take you.

Do you want to accept American Express?

Discover the benefits of accepting American Express Cards and open up to a world of new customers. American Express Card Members report spending on average 86.1% more than Non-American Express Card Members on all credit or charge card purchases in a typical month1.

You will also gain access to world-class service and support that American Express can offer to help you grow your business. Click here to discover more about becoming an American Express Merchant.

1Roy Morgan Research, March 2016.

It’s not just big businesses that accept American Express Cards.

Find the places where you can use your American Express Card to Shop Small.