A table for two in Portugal

Care for some wine

Sarah and I have always been fans of Mediterranean cuisine. We can't get enough of its rich and rustic flavours combined with the brilliant simplicity of its ingredients. When I found out that Portugal was one of the world's largest wine-producing countries, and still is today, I decided immediately that I would surprise Sarah with a food and wine adventure, as well as a sightseeing tour.

We had a wonderful flight, and tried to eat as little as possible on the plane to save room for our first dinner in Portugal! When we arrived at Península de Setúbal, a wine region south of Lisbon, we went straight to our first romantic dinner at a traditional restaurant overlooking a vineyard. The wines were some of the best we've ever had, the food was perfectly prepared and best of all we were able to enjoy exclusive American Express Selects® dining offers. We also made a few choice purchases for

our wine collection with our American Express Cathay Pacific Credit Card and got 1.5 Asia Miles™ for every HK$8 spent on this overseas purchase.

At brunch the next day in a café, set close to a shipping village, we made friends with a few locals who introduced us to 'bacalhau' – dried cod that's very popular in Portugal. So in return, we invited them to join us for dinner and we enjoyed a full night of tasting fine wines and more local dishes that we never would have known how to order.

Surrounded on three sides by water and with a climate perfect for outdoor activities, Portugal is a great place to enjoy water sports. That may even be our next trip – sun, surf and great food and wine. If we put enough purchases on our Card we can get back there sooner and also have the annual renewal Card fee waived.

Travel Tips:

Travellers departing from Hong Kong can take a connecting flight at London Heathrow Airport to Lisbon Portela Airport. Cathay Pacific Airways operates daily direct flights from Hong Kong to London Heathrow Airport. Total flight time is about 17 hours.

6 meals a day was the norm when we were visiting one of the best culinary destinations in the world! - Sarah and Leo

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