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If you would like more control over your finances and greater financial flexibility an American Express Charge Card can meet your needs.

On the Green, Gold and Platinum Cards you will enjoy no pre-set spending limit, complimentary insurance benefits and hotel and travel benefits - none of which are available with a standard Debit or Credit Card. To find out more, the 'What is a charge card?' section allows you to compare the benefits of a Charge Card versus a Debit or Credit Card.

If you are not sure which Card is most suitable for you, the 'Compare the Cards' section allows you to compare the benefits provided with each of the personal cards.

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Personal Basic Card

A Card with all the basics you need to make purchases. No charges - just pay your balance in full every month.

Personal Green Card

Welcomed all over the world, the classic Green Card delivers financial flexibility, security and convenience, coupled with the reassurance of round the clock support from American Express.

Personal Gold Card

Delivering attentive, personal service, the Gold Card combines financial flexibility and an enhanced level of travel and leisure benefits tailored specifically for professionals and frequent travellers.

Personal Platinum Card

One of the most exclusive Cards, The Platinum® Card offers a prestigious level of membership and a unique set of superior benefits for a select few.

American Express Basic Card

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American Express Green Card

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American Express Gold Card

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American Express Platinum Card

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