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For detailed information on our card accounts, review the Account Terms and Conditions and retain a copy for your records.

General Card Questions

Q. How much is the stamp duty charge on my card?

A. The stamp duty charge is €40 per year. The charge will be billed on your April statement and the duty is then paid to the Government through American Express.

Q. Is the stamp duty charged at card level or account level?

A. For the Green, Gold and Platinum Card, the account will be charged the stamp duty. No supplementary cards are liable for the stamp duty charge.
All cards within a Company Card account will be charged the stamp duty.

Q. Can I use the Card to obtain cash?

A. You can apply for Cash Services and use the Card at over 900,000 ATMs worldwide.You can download the Credit Agreement for Cash Services and Application form here or it is available on request from Customer Services.Cash transactions are billed direct to your Card account and you are able to take out any amount up to the limits detailed in the table below.

Card Type Cash Services*
Basic Express Cash is not available
Green €1,000, or local currency equivalent in any 7 day period
Gold €1,000, or local currency equivalent in any 7 day period
Platinum €2,000, or local currency equivalent in any 7 day period
Company €1,000, or local currency equivalent in any 14 day period

* Subject to application and payment of a fee.

Q. What is the difference between a Charge Card and a Credit Card?

A. Charge Cards have no pre-set spending limit and no interest charges but they must be settled in full and on time each month. Credit Cards have spending limits and only a minimum payment is needed to settle the monthly account. However, interest is applied to balances not cleared in full.

Q. What are the advantages of a Charge Card compared to a Debit Card?

A. Purchases made with a Charge Card will be debited once a month from your bank account when payment to American Express is made, giving Cardmembers a period of interest-free credit. Purchases made with a Debit Card will be debited from your bank account immediately for each separate transaction. Charge Cards help you manage and maximise your cash flow.

Q. Can I get a Basic Card if I have been declined a Premium Card (for example an American Express Green, Gold, Platinum or Centurion Charge Card in US Dollars or Euro currency)?

A. Yes, this may be possible subject to further checks being undertaken.

Q. If I need a statement copy what do I do?

A. Please call Customer Services and request a copy statement for the month you require. We can re-generate statements and send or fax them to you. This costs €10 and takes five days to produce.

Q. If I dispute a charge what do I do?

A. You must call Customer Services immediately upon receiving your statement and discuss this with a representative. They will be able to provide you with more details of this charge. If this does not clarify the matter we will investigate this and provide copies of the charge. American Express is only able to do this if we are informed immediately of the situation. We cannot do this after any lapse of time.

Q. Can I get a card in another currency?

A. Yes, we can also provide you with a Dollar Card. For more information please contact us on 1656 92 91.

Q. As a Cardmember how do I stop American Express Services Europe Limited sending me marketing material?

A. Please call Customer Services and request that no marketing mail is sent to you. Complete and return the Mail and Phone Options Request Form sent to you when Cards are issued or replaced.

Please note: 40 days are required for your request to become effective. We reserve the right to contact you by mail or telephone in connection with the operation of your Card account. Discreet offers will continue to be included with your monthly statement.

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Online Account Access

Q. Can I manage my Card online?

A. Yes, you can register for online Card account access. This gives you control to manage your American Express Card Account(s), all at the click of a mouse, wherever you are, whenever you want. Registration is simple and free.

Q. Can I register more than one Personal Card online?

A. If you have more than one Personal Card account you can register all of these Cards against a single User ID. Supplementary Cardmembers may create a unique User ID and Password to view their own transactions, but the main Cardmember will be able to view Supplementary Card transactions automatically when they register their Card(s). You will need to create a unique User ID and Password for any Card(s) issued to you.

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Payment Options

Q. How can I pay my account?

A. There are three ways in which you can settle your monthly Card. For more information please refer to Payment Options

Q. Can I pay by direct debit?

A. Yes, Simply download and fill in the direct debit form. Then send it to American Express Services Europe Limited, Dept 77, Brighton BN88 1AH, United Kingdom.

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Lost or Stolen Cards

Q. What happens if my Card is lost or stolen?

A. Please call American Express immediately day or night on 1850 882028 . As long as you report the loss to American Express promptly, your liability for fraudulent use of the Card is limited to €50. We will issue a replacement usually within 24 hours. If you are travelling we can arrange for a replacement to be sent to you to the nearest American Express Travel Agency Location or to be delivered to you in person*. To find the American Express Travel Service Location closest to you, use the Travel Service Locator.

* not all services available at all locations

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Membership Rewards®

Q. What is the Membership Rewards® programme?

A. Membership Rewards ® is a loyalty programme and our way of thanking you for using the Card available on the Green, Gold, Platinum or Centurion Cards. If you are enrolled, you can earn one point for virtually every US dollar or euro spent*. To earn rewards, use the Dollar our Euro Charge Card for all purchases big or small wherever you see the 'American Express Welcome' sign. Redeem your points against flights, hotels, car hire, charity and exciting new merchandise rewards. You can even use your points to pay your annual Card and Membership Rewards® fee.

* Points cannot be earned on the following charges: Cash Advances, American Express Travellers Cheque purchases, Foreign Exchange and Express Cash transactions and other Account Charges

Q. How can I enrol in the Membership Rewards programme?
A. You can simply click on
Enrol or call Customer Services on +44 (0) 1273 864 864. We are open from 7am - 11pm daily. Note, Membership Rewards are not available on the Basic Card.

Q. How can I redeem my points for a reward?

A. You can now redeem for an merchandise reward online now. If you have already linked the Frequent Traveller Programme to your Membership Rewards account, you can also transfer your points into the Frequent Traveller Programme online. If you have not linked a Frequent Traveller Programme to your Membership Rewards account, please call Customer Services on +44 (0) 1273 864 864. We are open from 7am - 11pm daily.

Q. Who can I contact if I am experiencing issues with my online account?

A. For issues with your online logon contact +44 (0) 1273 868 900. Or alternatively you can Contact Us on any of these numbers.

Q. Who can I contact if I have a query about a particular reward?
A. You can call our Customer Services team on +44 (0)1273 864 864. We are open from 7am - 11pm daily.

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Priority Pass

Q. Who is eligible for Priority Pass Membership and what are the associated charges?

A. Priority Pass membership is available free upon enrolment to Platinum Cardmembers as well as their main Supplementary Cardmember. Charges for accompanying guests are €24 per person, per visit, which will be billed directly to the Cardmembers Platinum Card.

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American Express Travel Service Locations

Q. Where can I find a list of all American Express Travel Service Locations worldwide?

A. list of all American Express Travel Service Locations can be found using the Travel Service Locator

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Chip and PIN

Q. What is Chip and PIN?

A: A Chip & PIN Card contains a small embedded microchip, which encrypts your Account information, making it difficult to duplicate copy or access without the right PIN (Personal Identification Number). It is simply a more advanced technology than magnetic stripe technology and will make an already safe payment system even more secure.

Q. What are the benefits of Chip and PIN?

A: It is a more secure way to authorise your transactions since your PIN is known only to you. Since its inception it has reduced fraud.

Q. Where can I change my PIN?

A: Once your PIN is issued you will not be able to change your PIN unless you visit the UK, where you can use UK LINK ATMs that offer PIN Management services.

Q: What should I do if I forget my PIN?

A; With Online Services you can view your PIN securely and instantly online - at any time of the day or night.

log in or Register for Online Services to view your PIN online.

Alternatively contact the Customer Services number on the reverse of your Card to be sent a PIN reminder in the post.

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Membership Rewards