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Add someone to your Card Account and share your Card benefits with family members, friends or anyone else you choose.

The Green Card
Supplementary Cards are €22 each.
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The Gold Card
You will receive one Complimentary Supplementary Card with the Gold Card. If you require any additional Supplementary Cards they are €50.
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The Platinum Card
One Supplementary Platinum Card and up to four Green or Gold Supplementary cards free.
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The Small Business Card  
Green Supplementary Cards
One Complimentary supplementary card included in fee and any additional Supplementary Cards are €22
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Gold Supplementary Cards
5 Complimentary Green or Gold Cards are included in the fee and any additional Supplementary Cards are €50
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It's Easy to Apply

Simply print out the application form, complete and return it us by:

Post: American Express Services Europe Limited
International Currency Card - New Membership
Department 4060
Telecom House
125-135 Preston Road
Brighton BN88 1TH
United Kingdom

Or, if you prefer please call us directly on 1656 92 91 and we can take your application over the telephone.

Application Check List

Completed application form
Copy of your Supplementary Cardmembers' passport.
Proof of your Supplementary Cardmember's address, displaying their name, address and dated within the last three months, for example:
- Utility bill (excluding mobile phone bills)
- Bank or Building Society statement
- Recent Mortgage statement form a recognised lender