What is a charge card


What is Charge Card

What is a Charge Card

If you would like more control over your finances and greater financial flexibility an American Express Charge Card can meet your needs.

Unlike Debit and Credit Cards, with an American Express Charge Card you can enjoy no pre-set spending limit and you must repay your full balance at the end of each month giving you total control over your expenses.

In addition, with the Green, Gold and Platinum premium Charge Cards you will enjoy complimentary insurance benefits, plus hotel and travel benefits, all with the superior service and prestige that is synonymous with American Express, none of which you would get with a standard Debit or Credit Card.

American Express Charge Cards Vs Debit and Credit Cards

American Express
Premium Charge Cards
Control over finances V X V
No pre-set spending limit X X V
Complimentary Insurance Benefits X X V
Loyalty Programme X X V
Discounts on hotels & airfares X X V
Complimentary Travel Benefits X X V

The wide range of benefits available on an American Express Charge Card represent great value when compared to Debit and Credit cards.

A Basic Charge Card is also available with no pre-set spending limit5 and no interest charges - just pay your balance in full every month.


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