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For those who appreciate financial flexibility, security and convenience.


Travel securely

When your travel tickets are charged to the American Express Green Card, you will enjoy not only Travel Accident Benefits1 of up to €100,000 for accidents whilst travelling to and from your destination, but also Travel Inconvenience Benefits1 for the cost and nuisance of any missed connections, delays or lost luggage.

Helpline in an emergency

In any difficulty you may encounter in any country in the world, your Green Card gives you access to a 24-hour emergency helpline, Global Assist. You can be assured that if the unexpected happens and you need legal, medical or personal help, a single call will provide you with the information you need. So, if you leave your wallet on the train to Prague or need to find a doctor in Rio de Janeiro, you can be sure of practical advice and support.

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Easy access to cash

Your Green Card is accepted in 200 countries worldwide but sometimes you need cash in your travels - for that urgent taxi across New York or that beachside giftshop where you find the perfect present for your daughter. With your Green Card you can withdraw cash from over 650,000 cash dispensers worldwide3.

Funds for the unexpected

You can find yourself paying for an unplanned, lavish dinner or you see an expensive coat that is perfect for your partner's birthday present - with no pre-set spending limit4 you are free to spend as much on your Green Card as you have shown American Express you can afford. We may also authorise additional funds by phone should you need to make an exceptional purchase of any kind.

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Earn Points as you spend

With American Express Membership Rewards®, you receive one Point for virtually every euro you spend on your Green Card5. Points can be redeemed for a unique range of rewards including flights, hotels, car hire and exciting new merchandise. Enrolment in Membership Rewards is free for the first year and €36.00p.a. the reafter.

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Your friends and family can become Supplementary Cardmembers on your account and enjoy virtually the same benefits as you, as well as enhancing your ability to earn Membership Rewards Points.

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Card Facts:

  • 24-hour emergency helpline
  • No pre-set spending limit
  • Travel Accident Benefits1
  • Cardmembership fee €47. Supplementary Cards are €22 each.

Green Card