Make account management effortless by going online.

Make account management effortless by going online.

Servicing the way you want it. Simple, quick, convenient.



Online Merchant Account


Manage all of your merchant account needs with our easy to use online tools and services anywhere, anytime.

Get faster statements


Most eStatements are available through your online Merchant Account in the first 3-5 business days of each month.

Manage disputes


Settle disputes fast, by responding to and getting up to date information on your inquiries online.

Stay in the know


Receive email alerts for payment status updates so you’re always on top of your Merchant Account.

Live chat with us


Get quick responses to your merchant account questions by Live Chatting with us through your online account.


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Digital Servicing Portal


Save time and complete your merchant account service requests online. Whether you need to add a business location, update your banking information, or change your payment schedule, you can do it all online in 3 easy steps.



Graphic of 3 steps to service your merchant account. Step 1: Call or Live chat; Step 2: Receive digital form; Step 3: Complete & Upload


Flexible Payment Options


Pick the payment option that best suits your business’ needs.

Net Pay


With Net Pay, you are paid the full amount

of the submission less the discount

rate and other applicable amounts per transaction.



Gross Pay


With Gross Pay, you are paid the full submission

amount instead of the net amount.

The discount rate and other applicable

amounts are then deducted once a day or month.*


You’re automatically enrolled in Net Pay if you didn’t select a payment option upon opening your merchant account. Switch to Gross Pay by calling 1-800-268-9877 or Live Chat.