American Express Card
Acceptance Pricing in Canada

American Express Card
Acceptance Pricing in Canada



American Express is a Card Issuer, Merchant Acquirer and Payment Card Network, which is a unique operating model in Canada that offers choice to merchants on how they accept our Cards. All merchants have the option to work directly with American Express to accept our Cards and, depending on eligibility, small merchants also have the option to accept our Cards through a payment processor under the American Express OptBlue program.

How a merchant accepts American Express Cards will determine their pricing for Card acceptance, either set by American Express directly or by their payment processor. In all cases American Express’ pricing models are consistent across credit and charge cards, and are designed to be clear, transparent and not misleading.




How to accept American Express in Canada





Merchants that choose to accept American Express cards directly with American Express receive services and settlements from American Express.

Merchants pay a single Discount Rate (a percentage of the purchase price) for all American Express credit and charge cards. Other rates and fees may apply based on whether a merchant is processing a card-not-present transaction, if the purchase is being made by a visiting international Cardmember, among others. 

If you are receiving your statement directly from American Express and want to learn more, contact us:

Contact your dedicated Client Manager

Call us at 1-800-268-9877

Through Your Payment Processor

(American Express OptBlue Program)

The OptBlue program is designed for small merchants, providing a simplified option to accept American Express Cards through a participating payment processor. 

In the OptBlue program, the payment processor sets the total pricing (rate and fees) that the merchant will pay for accepting American Express Cards. Depending on the payment processor’s pricing plans, this may include the American Express OptBlue Wholesale Discount Rate, as well as other Network Assessment Fees that American Express charges the payment processor for participating in the OptBlue program.


If you are accepting, or would like to accept, American Express through an OptBlue-participating payment processor, contact them for more information regarding merchant pricing and eligibility criteria.



American Express is fully committed to and supports the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada. 

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