Help eliminate fraudulent activity by recognizing suspicious behaviour and knowing how to take action.

Protect Your Business

Do you think your business has been compromised? Don’t delay – take action immediately.

If you suspect information has been compromised by unauthorized access, misuse or loss – notify us immediately at

If you suspect a Card has been misused – contact our Authorization Department at 1-800-268-9824.

Familiarize yourself with section 2 of the Data Security Operating Policy.

Fraud Prevention: Quick Guide

Recognize and reduce fraud by spotting suspicious behaviour and taking action as soon as possible.

Overview of Disputes


What happens after a Cardmember disputes a charge? This video breaks down our disputes process step by step, so you can see how it works.

Disputes Prevention Tips


Ever wonder why you receive disputes? Or what you could do to prevent them? To help answer these questions, we’ve put together a video that can help eliminate the three most common disputes and protect your business.

American Express SafeKey logo

American Express enhances the verification process for online purchases with an additional layer of security between merchants, card issuers and Cardmembers. This helps reduce fraud and friction at checkout. Cardmembers have the freedom to shop how they want, including making secure in-app purchases on smart devices.

Reduce Fraud Liability

When you have SafeKey in place and meet a few requirements, you won’t be held liable for online fraud transactions.


Help Improve Customer Experience

Helps customers feel more secure about online purchases, potentially increasing their confidence to spend.


Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Make sure to keep your details up to date to be notified of the latest American Express benefits.

Enhanced Authorization


Leverage secure data from our Global Merchant Network, including customer histories and existing fraud reports. This data allows you to improve your authorization results and move forward with legitimate sales while avoiding fraudulent transactions. Send us your customer’s transaction information and it will be checked against your customer’s known files.


Contact your processor, terminal provider, or American Express representative to find out if these services are available to you.

Electronic Verification

Help avoid fraud by checking Cardmember information against our records before you complete an order. You can choose to check some or all elements of a transaction including email address, telephone number, area code and Card Identification Number (CID). Simply send us an authorization request and you will receive a real-time response on whether your information is a match to Cardmember records.