We can help you select an appropriate product!

American Express is pleased to offer a range of products and borrowing options for your lifestyle.



Our approach to offering appropriate consumer products

At American Express it is important to us that you find a product that is appropriate for you. We offer a variety of products including Personal Loans and Consumer Cards with borrowing features. To help you choose a product or borrowing features that may be appropriate for you, we have a number of tools across our website to assist you, such as:



1. Help Me Choose

This tool helps you find an appropriate Card product for you! The Help Me Choose Tool asks questions to better present Card options that may be appropriate for your circumstances.


Based on your selection regarding the Card’s intended use, and benefits that appeal most to you, American Express can help you identify a product that is appropriate for you.


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2. Compare Cards

Compare Cards enables you to pick two or more Card products to compare side-by-side. This tool allows you to clearly see how different product offerings vary. By looking at annual fees and other product benefits, this tool can help you determine which product may be appropriate for you.


Want to learn more? Follow these easy steps:

  • Click Here to get started

  • Find the Card you want to begin comparing with and click ‘Compare Card’

  • Lastly, add other card products you want to compare to help you select an appropriate Card.

3. View All Cards

At American Express, we have a variety of products across varying Product Categories, including:

  • Membership Rewards® Cards

  • Cash Back Cards

  • No Annual Fee Cards

  • Co-Branded Cards

  • Travel Cards

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Our Personal Loan calculator is designed to help you address your borrowing needs. You can use this to help calculate your estimated monthly payments based on the amount you would like to borrow and associated repayment terms. This tool can help you select an option that is appropriate for you before you apply.


You can check for an offer here. If you are eligible, the loan application also allows you to select the amount you would like to borrow and presents options for you to choose from, including your preferred monthly re-payment amounts based on your loan terms.




Some of our Card products contain borrowing features which you can review using the View All Cards tool. From time to time, we may provide borrowing offers to our customers such as Plan ItTM, credit limit increases, or special interest rate offers based on your eligibility. You may also visit the Borrowing Centre in your Online Services account to find any eligible borrowing offers. To learn more about our different borrowing options, please click here.