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If you are 18 or 19, or older, you may be eligible for a credit card in Canada, but your credit score and income will determine if your credit card applications are approved.

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Learn how to use a credit card to maximize credit card benefits and rewards and explore how to choose the best credit card for your spending habits.

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An installment plan is a short-term loan with a predetermined length and end date. It allows you to make purchases up front and pay for them in monthly installments.

Understanding how credit cards work can help you manage your credit card expenses, build your credit score, and avoid cards that accelerate your debt.

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Learn how to get, set up and use your American Express Card on a mobile wallet.

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Learn about best practices for contactless payment, and how American Express supports contactless payment.

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Here’s what you need to know about the Marriott BonvoyTM program, including an explanation of status tiers, plus ways to earn points and rewards you can really enjoy.

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How much do wedding flowers cost? What about rings and the cake? Here’s how to research wedding costs for your big day.

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Whether you’ve got a small, modern bathroom remodel on your list or a luxurious, spa-style overhaul, knowing these five things will help keep bathroom remodel costs in line and ensure your project runs smoothly.

We break down how to create a food blog, so you can start blogging on your favourite food-related topics.

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