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Information Regarding Making Minimum Payment


  • Outstanding Balance :
  • Interest Rate1 :

    APR2 :

  • No new transaction
  • No annual fee and other fees
  • No Extended Payment Plan (EPP)
  • Repayments are due on the 26th day after the statement date, but for simplicity, it is assumed that repayments are made at month ends.

1 "Interest Rate" refers to the Monthly Finance Charge Rate applicable to your Account x 12 months. You may also refer to the "Current Rate" stated on the front page of your Statement of Account for the Interest Rate that is applicable to your Account.


2 "APR" refers to the equivalent Annualized Percentage Rate calculated in accordance with the Net Present Value method in the Code of Banking Practice and is shown here for your ease of reference only. An APR is also a reference rate which   includes the basic interest rate and other fees and charges of a product expressed as an annualized rate.


3 Not applicable. Based on the Outstanding Balance and Interest Rate which you have keyed in, you will be able to pay off the Outstanding Balance in less than 3 years by paying the Minimum Payment each month.