Important Notice & Cardmember Agreement

Payment Methods


Autopay – payment is made by direct transfer from your bank account. To obtain the Autopay Authorization Form, call our Cardmember Hotline or click here to download the form. 


Paybill – settle your bill from your pre-registered bank account. Please log in to your Online Service Account to register your bank account. Terms and Conditions apply.


Card Direct – make direct transfer from your bank account to settle your  bill by calling our Card Direct Service Hotline 2277 2160. To enroll, call our Cardmember Hotline. 


Pay by ATM, Internet Banking and Phone Banking– transfer funds from your HSBC/ Hang Seng Bank savings/current account  to settle your bill by ATM; or visit and; or call the HSBC Hotline to transfer funds. 


Payment By Phone Service (PPS)1 – please call 18031 for payment.  The merchant code is “14”.  For more details, please call 90000 222 329. 


1Please make your payment at least one working day ahead of the payment due date.


As some payment methods may require more processing time, we encourage you to pay your bills early to avoid incurring late fee and interest charges. Different payment channels have different cut-off times and the cut-off time is at the discretion of each such payment channel. Please ensure that American Express receives your payment before payment due date to avoid incurring late fee and interest charges.


Please Check All Transactions Carefully


Please notify us in writing of any omission or error in this statement within 60 days, otherwise, this statement will be deemed correct.


Positive Data Sharing Opt Out Reminder


You may ask the credit reference agencies to remove account data of any cancelled account that has never been overdue for more than 60 days within 5 years immediately before account cancellation and is fully settled. If you would like to remove the account data, please mail to us at G.P.O. Box 10066, Central, HK. 


Conversations with Customer Care Professionals


Conversations with Customer Care Professionals may be recorded in order to monitor service levels and confirm instructions are received.


Customer Preference and Address Change


If you do not wish to be contacted for promotional or marketing offers, or wish to change the address or phone number on your account, please call our Cardmember Hotline.


Foreign Currency Charges


All foreign currency Charges have been converted into Hong Kong Dollars on the date we processed the Charge. If the foreign currency Charges are not in U.S. Dollars (including but not limited to Euro, British Pound, Renminbi or Macau Dollar), such Charges will be converted into U.S. Dollars before further converting into Hong Kong Dollars. For U.S. Dollar Charges, they will be converted into Hong Kong Dollars directly.  As agreed, unless a specific rate was required by law, the American Express treasury system has used conversion rates based on interbank rates (selected from customary industry sources) from the business day prior to the processing date, increased by a single conversion commission of 2%. Any Charges converted by third parties prior to being submitted to us have been at rates selected by them.


Information about Chargeback Mechanism

You can view the information about Chargeback Mechanism by clicking here.
To download the Cardmember Transaction Dispute Form, please click here.


Application, Forms & Agreement Downloads for American Express Corporate Card

American Express Corporate Card


Interest-free Instalment Program


Interest-free Instalment Program Terms and Conditions


Code of Practice for Payment Card Scheme Operators


The Code was drawn up by eight payment card scheme operators including American Express. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has endorsed the Code. The Code aims to promote the general safety and efficiency of payment cards operations in Hong Kong and to foster public confidence in such operations.

American Express is supportive to the Code and has agreed to comply with the Code.

For any enquiries about the Code, please write to The Compliance Officer, American Express International, Inc., 18/F, 12 Taikoo Wan Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong.