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Protect Yourself by Enhancing Your Card Security

EMV Smart Chip Cards Replacement


To strengthen security controls on ATM services, as mandated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority ("HKMA"), all magnetic stripe cards with ATM capability will be replaced by chip cards. Enhanced security measures will also be adopted for overseas ATM cash advance services.


With the EMV Smart Chip, your Card is better protected against fraudulent activities. Unlike magnetic stripe only Cards, an EMV Smart Chip Card contains a microprocessor Chip that uses encryption to prevent its contents from being copied. This makes it nearly impossible for fraudsters to decode or tamper with the Card.


We are progressively migrating all Cardmembers to EMV Smart Chip Cards between September 2013 and December 2015. What to expect when your new Card arrives?

  • Your old Card will be deactivated following your first transaction on the new Chip Card. Please cut your old Card across the magnetic strip to destroy it. 
  • Your Card number remains the same as the existing magnetic stripe only Card. 
  • Your existing autopay services (e.g. telecommunications charges, utilities charges, insurance premium and charity donations, etc.) will continue automatically.

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Fraud's Not Your Problem


It's Ours

How to stay free of fraud?


Do you always check if an online shop is secure?
Is there any more you could be doing to help prevent fraud?

Feel secure knowing we make fraud prevention our business.


Our direct relationships with merchants all over the world mean your transactions are better protected, whilst our early detection systems constantly scan your account for uncharacteristic transactions that we suspect may be fraudulent. In the unfortunate event of a fraudulent transaction on your account, we offer a Fraud Protection Guarantee. This states that if you're a victim of fraud and have taken reasonable care, you won't be held responsible for any fraudulent charges incurred.


Protect Yourself


  • For your added protection, you should always check your statements thoroughly. This is easy to do with online services where you can check your transactions daily.
  • And did you know you can switch to paper-free online statement to help guard against ID theft?
  • For more information or to find out what else you can do to help stay free of fraud, click here

You'll Never Feel Lost in a Crowd


Travel Back-Up


Your American Express Card could be the most useful thing to take on any journey. Even if it's stolen, help is just a phone call away. We're there for you in 2,200 Travel Service Offices* in over 140 countries across the globe.


? Emergency Card replacement - as soon as is humanly possible
? Global Assist: 24-hour emergency assistance helpline for you and your family


Lost Card? Luggage? Passport?
If you lose your Card and need a replacement urgently, we aim to replace it urgently. Our staff have been known to move mountains to organise replacement Cards in a matter of hours. If you've lost your wallet, we could even help you with your hotel check-in if you need one.


Our Global Assist service can help you locate lost luggage and find you a lawyer, interpreter or English-speaking doctor in a hurry. We can provide prescription replacement assistance and arrange an urgent message relay if you need to reach someone back home.


*Comprised of Travel Service locations of American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc., its affiliates and representatives worldwide. Not all services are available at all Travel Service locations and they may be limited by local law and available cash limits.


Lost or stolen Card?


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