Make the
most of Apple Pay


Payments made easy










Make the
most of Apple Pay


Payments made easy


Using Apple Pay

Apple Pay® is a no-stress secure way to pay with your American Express® Card. Load your Card to the Apple Pay app on your iPhone® to make effortless transactions in-store, in-apps, or on websites.

Everyday to high-value purchases

Use mobile payments for large or small purchases. Pay by following the prompts on your device and Card reader.

Worry-free shopping

Make secure transactions with four layers of fraud protection. We've got your back, every step of the way.

Life should be rewarding

Continue to earn rewards when you make payments using your American Express Card with Apple Pay.

Use the Amex App to set up Apple Pay

Set up Apple Pay on your Apple device in 3 seamless steps

Set up via Amex App - Step 1 - Screen print of an Apple device

Go to the Account tab & select Apple Pay.


Set up via Amex App - Step 2 - Screen print of an Apple device

Select the Card you want to add, verify it, and follow the prompts.


Set up via Amex App - Step 3 - Screen print of an Apple device

Set it as your default Card in wallet.


Frequently Asked Questions

Secure payments


  • How do I authorise a transaction?
    Your unique Touch ID® or Face ID® uses biometric technology to protect your Card. Every time you make a purchase, you’ll need to authorise the payment via Touch ID® or Face ID®. If you don’t have Touch ID® or Face ID® enabled for your device, you can elect to use your passcode instead.
    Do not let anyone else, including family members, have their fingerprint registered to your device while your Card is registered in Apple Pay®.
  • What Card number is used?
    Instead of using your Card number, Apple Pay® assigns you an encrypted, unique Device Account Number. When you make a purchase, this number, along with a transaction-specific code, is used to process your payment – meaning merchants will never see your details.
  • Do I need to use a PIN with Apple Pay?
    Nope! Not even for transactions over $200. There’s no need to open an app either. Simply double click your side button on iPhone® or Apple Watch® and hold it near the contactless reader, or for Touch ID®, hold your locked iPhone® with your finger on Touch ID® near the contactless reader.
  • What happens if I lose my phone or my Card?
    If you lose or misplace your Card or device, chat with us in your Online Services or App or call us immediately on 0800 656 660 and we’ll look after the rest. You can easily suspend Apple Pay® using Find My® iPhone® or your iCloud® account. You can even wipe your device if it’s been lost or stolen.
  • How secure is an Apple Pay transaction?
    Your Card in Apple Pay® is protected by your unique Touch ID® using fingerprint technology, Face ID® and/or personal 'Passcode' that you use to access your device to help make it as secure as possible. You must either use the Touch ID®, Face ID® or the Passcode for your device to complete a purchase using Apple Pay®.
    All your payment account information will be encrypted and protected within Apple's secure environment.

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