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Flexible Options to Improve Your Payments Processes

The flexibility of the American Express® Corporate Card programme allows you to choose the manner of statement, billing and payment that works best for your business.

Payment Options

Improve Cash Flow


Increase your liquidity, whilst ensuring that your vendors are paid on time. Pay suppliers with your Corporate Card and get up to 51 credit-free1 days without any added credit interest to pay your statement. This gives you the ability to pay your bills in a manner that is timely enough to maintain and strengthen relations with suppliers, whilst giving you the breathing space to await incoming flow of funds. You might even consider negotiating a discount for your prompt payment with key suppliers. 

@ Individual Billing


With individual billing, each Card Member receives a monthly billing statement that identifies all of their charges. For payment, your Company has the following options.


  • Individual Payment
  • Central Payment

Flexibility & Ease in Remitting Payment


American Express accepts a number of methods for paying a Corporate Card statement. The payment methods available depend on whether your Company or the Card Member pays the statement. If remitting payment centrally, your company may use:


  • Interbank GIRO
  • Cheque
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT)


Individual Payment Option (Individual Billing)


This option allows your employees to continue submitting expenses for reimbursement. They are responsible for remitting payment to American Express. The benefits of this approach include:


  • Minimizing change for your Company and employees at the implementation stage
  • Encouraging timely submission of expense reports
  • Encouraging accurate documentation of expenses
  • Reducing corporate administrative workload and cost
  • Allowing employees to put personal expenditure on their Card (if permitted under Company policy)

Central Billing



Central billing2 accounts can be used to consolidate expenses charged to individual Corporate Cards or as a standard payment vehicle for specific categories of expenses. Central bills can also be implemented as a complement to our Corporate Card individual billing options. The benefits of this option include:


  • Increasing convenience for Card Members
  • Improving Company cash flow
  • Allowing you to make a single payment for all Cards

Central Payment Option (Individual Billing)


Each Card Member submits an expense report in accordance with your Company policy. The Company issues a single check to American Express for all authorized charges. Card Members can pay American Express directly for unapproved and personal charges. This option benefits your Company because it:


  • Improves cash flow
  • Retains control over payments
  • Encourages accurate documentation of expenses
  • Reduces the number of reimbursement cheques written

Statements & Billing
Benefit Terms


1. Credit-free days: Actual credit-free period will vary based on the date of charge and the billing cycle cut-off date.

2. Central Billing: The centrally billed option is only available to existing customers who are set up with this billing option.