American Express®  Business Travel Account

Air. Hotels. All on one bill.

Centralise business travel expenses into one simple online account.

Paying for business travel doesn’t need to be complicated

The American Express Business Travel Account (BTA) is a centralised billing solution that uses Virtual Account Numbers for travel costs. Your employees can book business travel without physical Cards, individual accounts or complicated reimbursement processes and you can reconcile travel costs through one simple monthly statement.

Make business travel more seamless with a Business Travel Account

Maximise control

Set parameters around time, cost and suppliers for employee air and hotel spend.

Save time

Consolidate booking and reconciliation into a single statement with one monthly payment.

Increase security

Help reduce non-compliant spend and minimise the risk of fraud with single-use Virtual Account Numbers.

Help improve cash flow

Get up to 51 cash flow days1

by centralising all travel bookings

into one payment to

American Express.

How does the Business Travel Account work?


Book travel

When your employees book travel through your Travel Management Company (TMC) the Business Travel Account automatically applies a Virtual Account Number (VAN) to each air booking and hotel reservation as needed.


Pay Suppliers

The VAN is used to pay for travel. Set account parameters can help maintain compliance with company budgets and policies.


Receive statement

Receive a monthly statement of all BTA travel expenses in one simple PDF or Excel document that's easy to filter and sort, so you can gain accuracy in reporting and discover opportunities to save. Depending on your organisation’s size and needs, you can also receive statements via the Online Statements tool, BTAConnect or an eData file.


Reconcile account

Send a single monthly payment to American Express, which can reduce admin time spent reconciling individual payments and processing reimbursements whilst expanding your cash flow up to 51 days1.

Case Study

Case study: a consulting firm streamlines its process and cuts costs

The Challenge: A top-tier consulting firm was struggling with outdated and cumbersome travel reconciliation processes. For each trip taken by a field rep, Executive Assistants (EAs) had to spend hours entering data such as traveller names, cost centres and trip details into an Excel spreadsheet, then matching them with specific transactions. The Finance team then had to double-check all this data before reconciling. The process took up to three weeks and was often closed out just as the next monthly billing statement was released.


The Solution: The American Express Business Travel Account allowed the firm to easily capture traveller names, employee IDs and cost centres for each transaction, dramatically cutting down on administration time for both the Finance team and EAs. As an added bonus, the Finance team was able to contain costs and protect against fraudulent transactions by setting controls around when and how much employees could spend on travel—putting both time and money back into the company.

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Terms & Conditions


1. Extend cash flow by up to 51 days: Depending on when you make a purchase, when your statement is issued and whether or not you are carrying forward a balance on your account from your previous statement period.