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Together we ensure a safe financial environment

Please help us to keep your company information up to date

Why is this necessary?
The Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act (AML) requires American Express to review your company information regularly. This applies to all financial institutions. This prevents us from being obliged to suspend your Account.

How it works


Updating your company



In the next couple of weeks Business Cardmembers and Programme Administrators of a Corporate Account will receive an email or letter asking you to update your company information. In this communication you will find your username and a link to our secure login environment. You can also type this link into your browser. Not received this communication yet? Then please wait for it to arrive.

Business Card or
Corporate Account?



The information we need from you depends on the structure of your company and the type of Account with
American Express: a Business Card Account or Corporate Account (Programme Administrator).

Business Card Account


Do you have one or more American Express Business Cards, for example Green or Gold? Please click below on “Yes, I have a Business Card Account” and find out what information is required from you/your company

Corporate Account (coming soon)


Are you a Programme Administrator (PA) of an American Express Corporate account? Click on “Yes, I am a Programme Administrator” below and find out what information is required from you/the company.

More information


For more details on AML, phishing and your privacy, please visit the pages below.

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