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Our Cardmembers・ average spend is 129% higher than other card holders in Hong Kong1. When you become an American Express Merchant we・ll help you attract our high spending Cardmembers and turn them into loyal customers with our exclusive marketing tools and initiatives.

American Express Selects™. The world is your oyster.

American Express Selects®.

American Express Selects® lets you place tempting offers in front of millions of our Cardmembers. Make them an offer they can・t resist and, chances are, they won・t.

Ensure passing trade doesn・t pass you by.

Point of Purchase (POP) material.

Our Cardmembers seek out establishments that accept
American Express® Cards. So it・s vital to let them know that you welcome their American Express Card by displaying POP material prominently.

Partnerships and Association

Marketing Guide.

Our Marketing Guide shows how to make the most of your marketing budget, reach new customers and showcase your business.

1. Card Usage and Attitude Survey (CUAS) 2009, Conducted by Research International in July 2009 in Hong Kong