Authentication with American Express

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New regulation means more authentication steps

Beginning 14 September 2019, a key part of the EU Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) is coming into effect. Its focus on security means all card issuers will need to verify your identity more often when you shop online, in-store with contactless, and when you access your Online Account.

How it will work for you

The new regulation requires you to authenticate yourself more often when you are shopping online, in-store, or accessing your Online Account.  


Please check your contact details are up-to-date, in case we need to send you a verification request, so we know it's you who's making the purchase.

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You'll see more of SafeKey®


SafeKey will appear more often during the checkout stage.
SafeKey works in the background while you make an online purchase and helps protect you against fraud by confirming it's really you making the purchase. 


You may need to verify your identity more often


We will send you verification codes via email or SMS. To ensure you can receive verification codes, check that your contact details are up to date.


You may need to enter part of your Card PIN


Occasionally we may need to ask for more than one piece of information, in those cases we will need you to enter part of your Card PIN. This is the same PIN that you use in-store. You can view your Card PIN in your Online Account.

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Frequently Asked Questions




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Express List gives you more control over your security 

Your Express List is a personalised list of American Express approved merchants you’ve recently shopped at. By selecting merchants, you won’t need to receive verification codes when you shop there, unless we need to confirm it's you making the purchase.

 Security and convenience


We're making sure the new way we authenticate you, both maintains our high security standards and is also less hassle for you.

Our existing security systems 


We use sophisticated technology to help keep your Account safe. We've made big investments in the advance machine learning that powers our intelligent  security systems. This means we're confident it's you making the purchase, even when you're using contactless or shopping online. If we suspect a problem, our team will contact you by call, text or email to check it was you making the purchase. The complex algorithms we use are built using data from millions of payments. We check your purchase against your previous buying patterns and thousands of other patterns, looking for irregularities that might signal fraud.



And unlike most other card companies, we both supply the Card and process the payment, making us uniquely well-placed to spot any unusual activity and solve problems faster.