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Online Services for Card Members

“Online Services” is a website exclusively for Card Members where you can check your recent charges, Membership Rewards® Points, update your registered information or view the latest Card-related information on your PC or mobile. You can use the below services in Japan and overseas.

 Online Services for Card Members

Quick and Easy Ways to Manage Your Account

Check Your Latest Account Status

Online Services enables you to check your recently billed and unbilled charges online. You can also view and download your Card Statements from the previous 12 months.

Online Statement Service (Paperless)

If you are an individually billed Card Member, please sign up for our Online Statement Service (Paperless)*, which allows you to check your monthly Card Statements online. When you register for Paperless, you will receive an email notification once your statement is ready for viewing, instead of receiving the statement by post.

*If your company has selected 'Paper Statements', it will not be possible for individual Card Members to select 'Paperless'.

Manage Your Membership Rewards

If you are enrolled in the Membership Rewards program, you can check your Membership Rewards status and redeem points online.*


*Before enrolling in the Membership Rewards program, please contact your company’s Authorizing Officer to find out about your company's Corporate Card policies and procedures.
*Please note that a separate application is required to enrol in the Membership Rewards Program.

The Amex App

Boost efficiency and productivity with the range of useful features on the American Express App.

The Amex App

Keeping you in control, day or night

Stay on top of your finances by viewing all of your recent transactions, whenever it suits you.

Stay on top of your spending with Push Notifications

Set up push notifications (alerts) to keep you up-to-date with billing and balance updates and more.

Smart login with Biometric Authentication

Face ID/Touch ID or Fingerprint authentication provides you with secure and smooth access to your Account.

Membership Rewards


Check your points balance or select an eligible transaction on your statement for the option to pay with your points.

*Some features are not available for Corporate Card Members.
*Japanese language only

Various payment methods


The simple and secure ways of payment.

Chip & PIN


Insert your Chip Card into the terminal, and key in your PIN to authorize the transaction. Your PIN replaces your signature.

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Tap your Contactless Card on the reader and complete your payment without a PIN.


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Apple Pay


Hold your Apple Pay device near the contactless reader to pay securely with Face ID/Touch ID


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Your PIN

Managing Your Card

Period of Validity and Renewal

The American Express® Corporate Card validity dates are embossed on the front of the Card. Your Card is valid from the first day of the first month through to the last day of the expiry month. You will automatically receive a renewal Card before the expiry date of your current Card. Please sign your Card as soon as you receive it.

*We recommend using the same signature as the one you used on your Card application.
*Cards without a signature cannot be accepted by merchants.
*Please be advised that we may ask about the need for your renewal Card if your Card has not been used for a certain period.

Payment Method

We offer two payment methods: direct debit from your bank account or bank transfer. Please refer to the below table for details on the monthly billing cycle for each payment method. Depending on your company, your statement will be billed to the corporate account or billed individually to you. Please contact your company’s Authorizing Officer to find out about your payment method. If you are paying the amount via bank transfer, please write your Card Number on the transfer form. In the event of a payment not being processed by the payment due date, a delinquency fee may be charged. Bank transfers should be made to the American Express bank account below:

Statement cut off and payment due dates

 Payment Method   Statement cut off date   Payment due date 
 Direct debit / bank transfer   18th or 19th of every month   10th of the following month 
 Bank transfer only   End of every month   23rd of the following month 

*If the above dates are on a Saturday, Sunday or a bank holiday, the payment due date will be the following day.

Direct Debits

For Card Members whose direct debit bank is set as one of the banks listed here, if the direct debit cannot be completed on the scheduled day, it will be reattempted on the next business day and again on the subsequent business day, if necessary.

No Pre-Set Spending Limit

At American Express, the spending limit for each Card Member is set in accordance with the individual's spending and payment pattern. If you plan to make an unusually large purchase in Japan, or if when travelling overseas, we recommend that you contact us in advance for pre-authorization.

Inquiries: Corporate Credit Service (Pre-Authorization)

03-6625-9133(9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays)

Switching Corporate Cards

To switch Card types (including switching to the American Express® JR TOKAI Express Corporate Card), please submit one of the forms below (Japanese/English). Please note, switching Corporate Cards requires prior enrolment from your company. Once confirmed, submit the Conversion Form with the signature of your company’s Authorizing Officer.

Changing Registered Information

If there are any changes to the registered information, please indicate the change details in the “Notification of Changes / Cancellation” Form and submit it to us.

*Approver depends on the type of changes you wish to make.

Canceling the Card

Please fill in the “Cancellation” section in the “Notification of Changes / Cancellation” Form and submit it to us with the signature of your company’s Contact Person or Authorizing Officer.

Where to use your Card

Find out where American Express Corporate Cards can be used for business-related payments.

Preventing Unauthorized Usage

Service establishments are required to contact American Express when the amount charged on a Card exceeds a certain amount set depending on the type of service establishment. In such cases you may be asked to verify your identity in order to protect your Card from fraudulent activity such as unauthorized usage if your Card is lost or stolen.

American Express Corporate Card Program Terms and Conditions

Corporate Card Terms and Conditions

For details of the revisions to the Terms and Conditions from November 24, 2020, please click here. The Terms and Conditions before the revisions are available below.

Corporate Purchasing Card Terms and Conditions

For JR TOKAI Express Corporate Card Members

For Corporate Card Members Enrolled in the Membership Rewards Program

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