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Keep things simple with

Amex Pay 

The smart, secure way to pay. 

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Introducing Amex Pay


Amex Pay is a simple, secure and convenient way to make contactless* and QR code-based payments via the American Express Mobile App. Simply
activate your eligible American Express Card with Amex Pay to get started. 


iOS device users: Use Amex Pay on an eligible iOS device to make smart, speedy QR code payments by scanning Amex-accepting QR codes available at select locations. 


Andriod device users: Use Amex Pay on an eligible Android device to tap and pay for items in store, just as you would do with your American Express Card or make simple QR code payments by scanning Amex-accepting QR codes available at select locations.


*Available only on Android devices with NFC functionality.




How to add your Card to Amex Pay



1. Select Account


Step 1 Amex Pay - Select Account

2. Select and activate Amex Pay


Step 2 Amex Pay - Activate Amex Pay

3. Enter a one-time verification code to confirm your identity

Step 3 Amex Pay - Enter one time Verification code

4. Select to set Amex Pay as your default payment app

Step 4 Amext Pay - Select as default payment app

For more information on using Amex Pay, view our FAQs.

 *Available on Android devices with NFC functionality.


How to make a purchase using Amex Pay

Payments are quick, simple and completely secure. Here's how to make a QR code-based payment:


1. Open the Amex Mobile App and select ‘Pay with QR’.




2. Position your phone camera over the QR code and scan.



3. Key in the amount that you are required to pay and authenticate your payment with your device lock.



4. Your payment is done!

Where you can use Amex Pay


Use Amex Pay to make contactless* or QR code-based payments wherever you see the American Express logo with a contactless symbol or on a QR sticker across a host of your favourite stores, such as Chomp Chomp Food Centre, Maxwell Food Centre, TImbre+ @ Ayer Rajah and Zion Road Food Centre.



Mobile Wallet Security

Amex Pay has added security when you make a transaction – your device needs to be unlocked using fingerprint authorisation, passcode or pattern. Your Card details are never stored on your device and, like all Card transactions, your mobile payments are covered by our Fraud Protection Guarantee.


Rewards and World-Class Service


By using Amex Pay, you can also easily keep track of how many points you’ve earned with each transaction, and through the Amex App, you can view what offers are available near you. Whether you choose to pay using Amex Pay or with your Card, expect the same world-class customer service whenever or wherever you need us.



Discover ways to use Amex Pay?


For both Android and iOS devices, you can scan Amex-accepting QR codes to pay. For Android devices only, after setting Amex Pay as your device’s default NFC payment method, you can tap & pay with Amex Pay at any Amex-accepting contactless merchants.  



Not a Cardmember yet? 


American Express has a Card to suit everyone, with world-class service and great benefits - from exclusive shopping and dining offers,to cashback and reward points. Browse the full range and find your perfect match.