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How do Credit Cards and Charge Cards work?

There are lots of different types of Cards. This section will explain how to choose and how to use a Credit Card and a Charge Card.

What is a Credit Card?

Credit Cards offer a revolving line of Credit, meaning that you can carry a balance from month to month rather than having to pay the amount owing in full.


Each time you use a Credit Card, you are essentially taking out a loan. Card issuers require that at least the minimum amount due is paid by the due date every month.


If you always pay your balance in full so that we receive your payment by the payment due date, interest will not be applied to any of your purchases. If you choose to carry a balance or if we receive your payment late, interest charges are calculated and charged to your account. Interest is always charged on balance transfers and cash advances starting from the day the transaction occurs.


TIP: If you make your monthly payment earlier than the due date, you can save money on interest charges when you are carrying a balance.


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What is a Charge Card?

Charge Cards are different from Credit Cards in that they require you to pay the full amount you’ve charged to the Card each month. By doing so, they can help you manage spending and stay on track of your finances. By paying in full every month you can avoid interest charges.


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Discover American Express Card types

We have different types of Cards so that you can choose the one that best suits your individual needs and the way you spend



  • Rewards Cards – Designed for those who enjoy earning points on their spend then redeeming them for exciting Rewards.
  • Premium Cards – Earn Membership Rewards points or premium Rewards.
  • Air Miles Cards  –  If you think big and travel often, an American Express  Air Miles Credit Card can start earning you Air Miles points straight away.
  • Dining Promotion Credit Cards – Enjoy American Express Dining Privileges which offers up to 50% off your dining bill at over 50 restaurants island wide.


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How to apply for a Card

To apply for a personal Card in Singapore you need to meet certain eligibility criteria. Learn more about all the information you’ll need to apply for an American Express Credit Card and Charge Card.



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How to be Card smart

Safeguard your Card, manage your spending and maintain a good Credit score.


Credit Cards and Charge Cards are important financial management tools that allow you to purchase the things you want sooner - and pay for them later. But, because Cards are so convenient, it can be tempting to overuse them, and overspend your budget


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Understanding Credit reports


A Credit report is a collection of information held at one or more Credit bureau service providers. Banks and other businesses that lend money, access this information with your consent. This information is compiled into a single report that helps lenders determine if you are a good financial candidate.


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How to pay off your Card

At the end of your statement period, you can decide how much of your balance you want to pay off but you will need to pay the minimum repayment amount. Details about your minimum payment  can be found in your Credit Card agreement. By paying off more – or all – of your balance by the due date, you will pay less interest. By making your monthly payment earlier than the due date, you can also save money on interest charges when you are carrying a balance.


Charge Cards differ to Credit Cards as they give you the financial flexibility of no pre-set spending limit, and no interest charges since you must pay the balance in full at the end of each month.



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Understanding interest rates

When you use your Credit Card, you are borrowing money from a lender. It is important to remember that if you don’t pay off your balance in full every month you will be charged interest  until full repayment has been received. This interest is applied to your closing balance at the end of every day, and then totalled up to form your current statement amount.


The amount of interest you will be charged depends upon:


  • The interest rate of your Credit Card
  • The amount you spend
  • When you pay your Credit Card bill
  • When you receive your statements, the details of your purchases and the amount of interest you have been charged will be clearly displayed.


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How to manage debt

In challenging or encouraging economic times, understanding how to manage debt is important for your financial health. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.


If you’re feeling that way, remember, you’re not alone. There are many solutions that can help make debt manageable. But just as it takes time to get into debt, it can also take time to get out of it.


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Financial hardship

Sometimes, you may need support.


Your personal circumstances constantly change. And sometimes you may face temporary periods of financial hardship for any number of reasons – often beyond your control.


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Using your Card abroad

American Express® Cards are accepted around the world, so you can have peace of mind when using your Card to make purchases overseas.  


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First year fee waiver Cards - Get the most out of your Card with no annual fee for the first year.


A Credit Card with no annual fee for the first year is a great way to experience being an American Express Cardmember and its perks. It offers both convenience and value.

American Express benefits


Your security and protection are our priority. Our technology has been designed to give you peace of mind when using your Card.



Access to our customer service is available 24/7 by phone, text or email.



Contactless is the quick, easy and secure way to make payments - Simply touch your American Express Card on the reader, wait for the beep and you're done. What's more, with Amex pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple PayTM, you can even pay with your phone.

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American Express Offers a range of Credit Cards with different rewards and benefits tailored to your lifestyle and interests.