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Your company has chosen the Corporate Card for your business (travel) expenses. With this Card, you can enjoy the various benefits and reliable service of American Express® worldwide. And not only that – managing your business expenses is also a lot easier.


Please review provided information regarding your Corporate Card and in case further questions arise, contact our Customer Service Team. 

American Express Corporate Green Card



American Express® Corporate Green Card


The American Express Corporate Green Card provides you with a flexible and safe payment method everywhere in the world, while supporting cost control and helping to deliver savings.

American Express Corporate Gold Card


American Express® Corporate Gold Card

The American Express Corporate Gold Card equips frequent business travellers with essential tools to manage their travel and entertainment expenses, while providing peace of mind with travel protection.

Corporate Card issuance

The Corporate Card is issued upon receiving the Cardmember Application form, completed and signed by you and by the company/ Programme Administrator.

In order to satisfy the requirements of the Act on Counteracting Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, you are required to enclose or to deliver to American Express a copy of your valid identity document (a copy of an ID card or passport).

The Cardmember Application form together with the copy of the ID should be sent to:

The standard time for issuing and delivering the Corporate Card is 14 business days (counting from the date of processing of the correctly completed application). If the Card is not delivered within the standard time limit, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Activate your Card

To activate your Card, please sign the back of your Corporate Card upon receipt and call the Customer Service Team on +420 222 800 333 – the number given at the back of the Card. 

Card validation

The standard validity period of the American Express Corporate Card is 4 years. The Card expires on the last day of the month shown after the words ‘Valid Thru’. The system automatically generates a renewal Card that should arrive no later than 2 weeks before the expiry date. If the new Card does not reach you two weeks before the expiry date of the currently used Card, please contact us immediately.

Lost and stolen

If the Card is lost, it is necessary to block it as soon as possible, by calling the American Express Customer Service Team on +420 222 800 333, operating 24h/7. The Card will be blocked immediately. 


In the event of Card loss, theft or scanning, the liability of the Cardmember is limited to EUR 50 only until the Card is blocked.

Express Cash – cash withdrawal from ATMs

With the company’s consent, it is possible to activate the Express Cash service – cash withdrawals from ATMs. The service can be activated by selecting the ‘Express Cash Service’ in the application for issuing the Card.

If the ‘Express Cash Service’ option is not selected on the application for issuing the card, it can be activated at a later date by filling in the Express Cash Service form and sending it to American Express (by post or by email in PDF format to: cardoperationsprague@aexp.com). The Express Cash Service is activated on the day the correctly completed application is processed.

ATM Locator

Spending limit

  • The Corporate Card has a limit of non-cash spending that is renewed after the balance repayment, and a weekly cash withdrawal limit (if the cash withdrawal service is activated).
  • The non-cash transaction limit can be checked in the My Card Account.
  • The spending limit on the Corporate Card and the limit of cash withdrawals from ATMs can be changed through a written instruction by Programme Administrator that is sent to the Customer Service Team.  


Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the Corporate Card Programme Administrator – your American Express contact within your company or our Customer Service Team.


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