How to Keep Your Business Travellers Compliant

Keep Your Business Travellers Compliant

Corporate travel is becoming increasingly important in the global business world. With more organisations now looking to maximise opportunities across borders, it’s only natural that a rise in travel will occur.


The mean average for employees aged between 18 - 65 is 3.6 business trips per year, according to Expedia Future of Travel October 2013.


However, with employees out of the office on a regular basis it can become a challenge for firms to ensure they are compliant with travel and entertainment policies.


With the internet now giving employees the option to control and create their own business travel experience, organisations have to ensure that staff stay within their travel rules. Of course, there are plenty of ways businesses can tackle this particular challenge and make sure that their staff are keeping compliant when on the road.


Will Tate, senior vice president of travel management consultancy Management Alternatives, said: "Younger travelers are so incredibly comfortable with the concept of gaming. That you now have a large traveling portion of the workforce that fully understands the concept of rewards and badges.


"Gamification is the idea of rewarding employees for their compliance. If the staff do adhere to the policy properly, firms can actually collect their travel spending and save in the long run.


The thinking behind gamification, according to the Dynamics University, is that it appeals to human qualities such as the desire to compete, achieve and attain status. By turning something like travel compliance into a game, it encourages people to comply.


Indeed, this is beneficial for firms in a number of ways as businesses with improved corporate travel compliance can reduce travel costs by up to 20 per cent per staff member per individual trip, according to Forbes.


While gamification is a popular way to enforce compliance, it may not work with everyone. Millennials who have been raised on video games are likely to take to this idea much quicker than generation who do not feel a nostalgic connection to this type of culture.

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