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Purchasing Solutions for Maximum Cash Flow & Spend Control


The American Express Corporate Purchasing Card helps you better manage your Company’s cash flow, control expenses and streamline purchasing processes.


Features & Benefits



Corporate Purchasing Card


The Corporate Purchasing Card allows companies to simplify supplier payment processes by consolidating expenses into one account, one payment. This streamlined approach to expense management allows you to:


  • Reduce purchasing costs
  • Improve control over purchasing procedures
  • Simplify data management and compliance processes
  • Increase employee productivity

Improve Buying Power With Superior Information


Increase global supplier efficiencies, improve strategic commodity management and enforce purchasing policy compliance with better spend visibility. Our exclusive, closed-network operating structure let us capture enhanced data at the point of sale. This ensures the integrity of data from sale to report delivery. Our database of suppliers and point-of-sale data can also help you manage your procurement programme more efficiently.


Customised Control


Implement customisable controls on your Cards to ensure employee compliance, reduce approval process periods and protect against fraud. Controls include:


  • Spending limits: Set maximum spending limits per transaction and per month, and set variable spending limits to ensure that unforeseen charges do not prevent your employees from completing transactions
  • Supplier lists: Consolidate your spend and take advantage of repeat-business discounts by establishing approved suppliers

Online Management


Enhance the power of your programme with @Work Corporate Account Reconciliation. The web-based solution is easy to implement and can help your Company:


  • Automate your entire reconciliation process
  • Increase control and accuracy of accounting and cost allocations
  • Post transactions daily and save time
  • Interface to back-end financial systems

Purchasing Solutions for Your Business Needs


American Express Purchasing Solutions are designed to help you save money and control your finances with improved compliance and fraud protection.

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