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How does it works

Membership Rewards® Turbo program
For just HK$240 per year (this program annual fee will continue to apply on your next Membership Rewards renewal date, except for American Express Platinum Card), you can earn double points1 for every HK$1 spent on anything at any time, anywhere & on an ongoing basis2. you can transfer your points to redeem Frequent Traveler Program3 as well as to redeem any regular rewards stated under the Basic Program.

Membership Rewards Basic program
Alternatively, if you enroll in the Membership Rewards basic program, every HK$1 spent on your Card earns you 1 point. You can redeem your points from a wide range of exciting gifts and rewards including dining offers, cash vouchers, hotel stays, card fee waivers, charities donation and other merchandize, etc. Even better, you can enjoy FREE enrollment and your points will never expire.

Keeping track of your points
Each month your outstanding points will be detailed on your American Express Card statement. If you have more than one Basic Card (e.g. a Charge Card and Credit Card), the combined total will be shown on the statement of your Primary Account (except for Card Accounts beginning with 3769) i.e. on your Charge Card statement.

1.Double points are applicable to the first HK$160,000 spent during every 12-month Membership Rewards® Turbo Program period. From HK$160,001 and onwards, every HK$1 spent entitles to 1 point. Cardmembers may opt out from Membership Rewards® Turbo Program to Basic program by calling 2277-2150.
2.Membership Rewards® Turbo Program are not applicable to Corporate Cardmembers and US$ Cardmembers.
3.Frequent Customer Program means a participating airline’s Frequent Flyer Program or a participating hotel’s Frequent Guest Program. An administration fee of HK$200 will apply to each air mile conversion (not applicable to Centurion members).