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Online Card Applications

Apply for American Express Corporate Cards using the digital Card application method and onboard your employees quickly.
Quick Start Guide

Manage Employee Cards

Find a quick overview of Online Card Applications here.

Interactive Guided Tour

Follow the guided tour or explore the features of Global Apply for Card on your own.


Video Tutorials

Apply for Card
Online Card Applications
Explore the three ways to apply for a new Card: self-initiated, quick send, and send to an applicant.
Manage Card Applications
Online Card Applications
Learn how to approve, cancel, reroute, and track applications as well as change the application delivery option within your to-do list in @ Work.
Access Key Tutorial
Online Card Applications
Watch the video to understand how you can create and maintain access keys to apply for new Cards online.

Faster Cards For Employees

Faster card for Employees
User Guide

Global Apply for Card User Guide

View the guide for detailed steps to apply for Cards via our easy-to-use tool.

Global Apply for Card Summary Guide

View critical steps in this summary guide for each User experience.

Quick Start Guide
GAFC Solution Comparison

Global Apply for Card Solution Comparison for Existing Apply for Card Users

View a comparative analysis of the Apply for Card and Global Apply for Card methods.

Apply for Card Users’ checklist for migrating to GAFC

Optional steps to follow when migrating to the new GAFC platform before 31 July deadline when AFC will decommission.

Apply for Card Users’ checklist for migrating to GAFC

Global Apply for Card (GAFC) Program Administrator Frequently Asked Questions

Read the complete list of FAQs for Program Administrators (PA) using the Global Apply for Card method.

Marketing Asset Library

For additional resources for your Corporate Program’s Card Members, please visit the Marketing Asset Library.

Marketing Asset Library


Online Card Applications

Inform your employees easily about the launch of Global Apply for Card method using our announcement template.

Online Card Applications

Learn the steps to initiate a Card application. You can edit the instructions to include your company-specific internal procedures.

Online Card Applications

Share this set of instructions among your employees to help them initiate their own Card applications. Please include your company-specific information before sending the document to Card applicants.

Online Card Applications

Read the complete list of FAQs for Card Applicants using the Global Apply for Card method.

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