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Creating a Travel Policy That

Matches Your Business


Business travel is essential for companies building an international presence. Hong Kong companies may do the majority of their travel in and out of Mainland China, or they may send employees across Asia and the world. Regardless of the destination, every mile you travel is important to your bottom line.


  • Business travel is too important a part of your operations to manage on an ad-hoc basis
  • Travel policies can save money and reduce stress and complications for employees
  • Follow a clear plan and strategy when implementing a new travel policy

Corporate travel is a major expense and it should therefore be managed like any other controllable expense. That means taking a strategic, rather than an ad hoc approach to managing it.

The most recent American Express / GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™ found that 51% of Hong Kong respondents were required to follow travel policies, compared to a global average of 44%. That shows that travel policies are already very much a part of Hong Kong business travel. However, the same survey showed that less than half of Hong Kong respondents were satisfied with their employers’ travel policies, and only 38% were happy with the flexibility they have to plan trips. That leaves plenty of room for improvement.

Travel is also an emotional issue. Your employees are spending time away from home and family in order to conduct business. They want to feel cared for, and making travel easier for them means better business for the company.

The travel policy at many SMEs is simply a list of rules — don’t fly first class and you can’t expense dry cleaning. Few SMEs have a policy based on an actual strategic plan.

Creating a policy which controls spending and steers business towards preferred suppliers, yet gives travelers enough flexibility for their trip needs is not an easy task. Communicating, implementing and enforcing the policy poses additional challenges.

Here are some tips on creating your travel policy.

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