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Programme Administrators Guide


Access information, tools and resources to help you manage your American Express Corporate Programme



As a Programme Administrator, you oversee the day-to-day management of the American Express Corporate Programmes and form the link between your company and American Express. This is an important role and one that we want to make as easy as possible. This administration guide gives you the necessary information and contact details to manage the Corporate Card Programme and/or Business Travel Account Programme. This guide will be your first port of call when you need answers about the set-up, day-to-day management and reporting options of your account.


For additional questions you are always welcome to contact our Customer Service

Corporate Card Programme 

The Corporate Card programme gives more control over (travel) expenses of your employees and cashflow benefit. It is an effective tool for managing business expenses of company employees. As Programme Administrator you will occasionally be required to carry out general administrative tasks as part of the ongoing maintenance of your Corporate Card Programme. 


Benefits for your company


Joining is easy

Independence from bank and easy implementation


Cards for business expenses 

Effective control of business expenses and easy access to data


Visibility & Control 

Access to data and expense reports


Benefits for Cardmembers


  • Business Travel Insurance package
  • Emergency Card Replacement
  • Exceptional Customer Care 
  • Possible to earn Membership Rewards on corporate spend 
  • Online Account 

Learn more?

Scroll down to Terms & Forms to find our Corporate Card Fact Sheet 


Business Travel Account (BTA) 

The American Express BTA is designed to simplify the daily administration of all your travel documents and tickets. Held in the Company name, it is a centrally billed and paid account lodged at a Travel Agent of your choice, on which you book all your travel expenses. With one consolidated payment you can pay all your travel expenses. In this way you will avoid separate labour intensive invoices and thus saving both time and money.


Benefits for your company


The BTA gives you enhanced visibility, improved control and helps to save time and money.


Effectively monitor and manage traveler’s expenses by consolidating your travel expenditure into one account.


Invoice of choice suitable for your business and tailored payment terms  


This is how it works


  • Make your reservation at your chosen travel agent. 
  • Choose Business Travel Account (BTA) as way of payment .
  • Travel agent will sent you a pro-forma invoice with the booking details. 
  • Travel agent will supply American Express with the booking details. 
  • You pay all your travel expenses with one consolidated payment

Learn more?

Scroll down to Terms & Forms to find our Business Travel Account Fact Sheet 

Are you a Corporate Cardmember?

Find useful tools and information in the Corporate Cardmember Guide 

American Express Corporate Green Card
American Express Corporate Gold Card
American Express Corporate Meeting Card

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