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Corporate Card Program


The American Express Corporate Card Program brings custom solutions to companies of all sizes. Whether you are a mid-sized company or a multinational, the American Express Corporate Card Program offers a solution that's right for your company.


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Corporate Meeting Solutions


Our Corporate Meeting Card is designed to help you save your company time and money associated with planning and paying for corporate meetings and events.


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Corporate Purchasing Solutions


The American Express Corporate Purchasing Solution brings custom solutions to companies of all sizes.


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Business Travel Account


A simple and effective way to manage your corporate travel costs, free of charge. The Business Travel Account combines your travel expenses into one, centrally billed account while enhanced visibility gives you maximum control over expenses and helps save time and money.



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Why Choose American Express?


The American Express Corporate Card has long been held as the global benchmark for payment of travel and entertainment expenses, but the scope is actually much broader and includes everyday work related expenses from capital expenditures and paying suppliers to printing and stationery. Our solutions deliver value to your business every day through providing expense management solutions, world class service, consulting expertise and global presence.


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Business Card Services


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