The American Express®

American Express Card




Card type
Charge Card.

Annual fee
1,765 Baht (inclusive of VAT)


Rewards Program : Membership Rewards

Spending Limit : No-preset spending limit but up to 3 or 5 times of monthly average income for compliance with Bank of Thailand notification (as the case may be)

Interest on purchases : No interest charge - just pay your balance in full every month

Platinum Card card art

Membership Rewards1

Accumulate points redeemable for rewards of your lifestyle, including shopping, travel, dining, entertainment and unique experiences within the stipulated program period.


Contactless Technology


An easy way to pay for anything up to THB 1,500 with your American Express Card. Simply hold your Card close to the reader, wait for the confirmation and you're done. Click here to learn more.


Travel Insurance & Purchase Protection2

Extra value when you travel with Travel Accident Insurance and Travel Inconvenience Insurance. For your peace of mind, Card purchases covered at no extra cost under the Purchase Protection Plan.




Financial Flexibility

No pre-set spending limit3

The Card gives you the freedom to spend without any pre-set spending limit, you can usually spend as much
as you have shown us you can afford based on your past payment patterns and personal resources. All we ask
is that you pay your Card account in total and on time each month.


0% WISE PAY Installment Plan

0% WISE PAY Installment Plan is the effective way to financial flexibility and money management. You can enjoy extraordinary purchasing power with first-class and hassle-free service in here.




Insurance Benefits

for Greater Peace of Mind




Complimentary Travel Accident Insurance


Purchase your tickets with the Card and you're automatically covered for up to Baht 1.5 million in our Travel Accident Insurance Plan for no additional cost. You, your spouse and children under 23 years old are insured against accidental death and dismemberment due to physical injury while traveling a passengers in any scheduled commercial aircraft or any other form of public transportation.


Card members are also entitled to a complimentary Travel Inconvenience Plan. Benefits for any inconvenience caused by delayed luggage, lost luggage, as well as missed connection may be claimed.


Supporting documents are required when making claims from either travel plan.4




Purchase Protection Plan


Shop with the Card and you're protected, at no extra costs. When you charge your purchases with the Card, goods are automatically insured against accidental damage for the first 30 days.5


Global Assist
If you need emergency medical or legal assistance while traveling abroad, help in the form of a 24-hour local referral service is only
a collect call away: (66) 2273 5222.
A Global Assist representative will refer you to a doctor, lawyer or the nearest Thai consulate in your vicinity. Please inquire about the costs of professional fees prior to engaging these services as the fees will be charged to Card members who use the referred services.

Additional Services


The Card lets you DO MORE

Platinum Service




24-hour Customer Service

For quiries regarding your account, including billing and redeeming your Membership Rewards points, or general Card information, you can call the Customer Service at 0 2091 2755 for 24 hours in every day.



Supplementary Cards

Increase the value of your Card's benefits by sharing the Card's convenience, flexibility and security with your family members who are over 20 years old with the Supplementary Cards. Charges made on Supplementary Cards will be billed to your account and they will be listed separately on your statement for your convenience.


Reward Programs

Membership Rewards1

A bonus program designed to reward Card members for spending with the Card, Membership Rewards lets you accumulate points that can be redeemed for free shopping, travel, dining, entertainment and unique experiences within the stipulated program time period. Every Bath 25 you charge with the Card will automatically earn you a Membership Rewards point.

Membership Rewards PLUS1

A special feature of the Membership Rewards with additional privileges to redeem the rewards of your choice. Membership Rewards PLUS offers you a range of exclusive rewards that answers to your premium lifestyle. You can redeem for rewards with lesser redemption points than usual, or transfer points to the Frequent Flyer programs or Frequent Guest programs. These additional privileges require only Baht 1,000 annual fee. To enroll in Membership Rewards PLUS, please call 0 2091 2755.



Documents and Useful Information


Insurance Certificate for American Express Card members

You can read and downoad full details of Insurance Certificate for for American Express Card members here.




Details of Interest Rate, Penalty Charge, Fees and Other Service Charges 

You can read and download full details of interest rate, penalty charge, fees and other service charges here.

Terms and Conditions: American Express Card

You can read and download full Terms and Conditions of American Express Card here.



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