The American Express® 

Business Card



Realise the potential

Card Benefits


Now ... American Express introduces to you another breakthrough product to help meet your business needs. The new American Express Business Card paves your way towards greater success as a business entrepreneur. Along with the payment conveniences and unique saving offers to better manage your business and lifestyle needs, you also enjoy the professional recognition of having your company's name embossed on your Card. With the American Express Business Card, you get to enjoy many business privileges that no other card can match.


Special Benefits


  • No pre-set spending limit*
  • Special business savings through the Business Saving Plan
  • Year-end Summary of Charges
  • Travel Accident Insurance, Travel Inconvenience Plan
  • Business Insurance Plan
  • Earn Membership Rewards® points redeemable for business and lifestyle rewards. 


More financial flexibility


  • No pre-set spending limit*. The Business Card has no spending limit set in advance.
  • 0% WISE PAY Installment Plan

* Charges are approved based on your company's resources, payment history and spending patterns.
** Subject to cash availability and local regulations


More information


  • Year-end Summary of Charges. Provided as a complimentary service to assist Business Cardmembers with budgeting and accurate record keeping. In addition to your monthly billing statement, you will receive a concise, customized report early each year which summarizes charges billed to your Business Card account during the previous year. The summary is arranged by month and by expense category such as airline, restaurant or hotel. Simply call 0 2091 2777 to request before October every year.
  • 0% WISE PAY Installment Plan is the effective way to financial flexibility and money management, the extraordinary purchasing power. 0% interest rate means you are very welcome to enjoy our Installment Plan with first-class and hassle-free service in here.

More Cardmember Services and Privileges


  • Supplementary Business Cards may be obtained for your employees over 20 years old.
  • Global Assist. If you need emergency medical or legal assistance while traveling abroad, help in the form of a 24-hour local referral service is only a collect call away: (66) 0 2091 2777. A Global Assist representative will refer you to a doctor, lawyer or the nearest Thai consulate in your vicinity. Please inquire about the costs of professional fees prior to engaging these services as the fees will be charged to Cardmembers who use the referred services.

More rewards as you spend on your business

Every Baht 25 you spend on the Business Card earns you one Membership Rewards® Point.* These can then be redeemed for business and lifestyle rewards.
A special feature of the Membership Rewards® is the Membership Rewards PLUS additional privileges to redeem your choice of rewards: a range of Exclusive Rewards that correspond to your premium lifestyle, less redemption points on selected rewards and earn free flights and hotels stays faster. A fee of Baht 1,000 is charged for the added benefit.


* 1 point= Baht 25

This rate may be subject to change at the discretion of American Express.