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*The Offers are available to Card members who hold any valid American Express Cards issued by American Express (Thai) Co., Ltd. (“American Express”) excludes American Express Corporate Card and American Express Business Card.


All offers will be subject to Terms and Conditions. For full details, click on the above offer images.Participating merchant is solely responsible for all products, services, consultations and advice, and fulfillment of the offers in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. American Express is not the provider of any of these products and/or services that are made available pursuant to the offers and makes no representation or warranty in relation to such products and/or services. Cardmembers acknowledge that any disputes in relation to the above are to be directed solely to the merchant providing such services, activities or benefits.American Express reserves the right to terminate or change the offer's Terms and Conditions at any time in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In the event of any dispute arising from the offer, the decision of American Express shall be final and binding all related parties.