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Flexible Billing Cycles
For Better Cash Flow

Flexible Billing Cycles For Better Cash Flow

Managing your company’s cash flow is a tricky balancing act between finding sources of affordable credit, building trust with your suppliers and closely monitoring the relationship between your billing cycles and anticipated revenue.


  • More flexible credit card billing cycles can improve your company’s cash flow
  • American Express corporate credit cards allow up to 10 unique billing cycles per account
  • Effective management of your billing cycles can provide up to 51 days of credit

To put it simply, it comes down to collecting revenue as quickly as you can and delaying payments for a long as possible.

Choose Your Payment Dates

Restrictive corporate credit card billing cycles can be a part of the cash flow problem. While you may be able to choose your card’s monthly billing cut-off date, the schedule on which you order and pay for supplies from a variety of vendors is unlikely to perfectly coincide with your card’s billing cut-off date.

American Express Corporate Card has an answer to your billing cycle challenges. Our flexible statement billing options allow you to choose from to 10 different billing cycles per account. This means you can match your billing cut off dates with your supplier payment schedules for maximum cash flow.

For example, if a supplier requires you to pay them on the 15th of every month, you can set a billing cycle cut-off date of the 14th for the card, giving you one month of credit on each cycle. Another supplier may require payment on the 10th, you can choose to pay them with a different card, which has its billing cycle cut off on the 9th of every month, again you can enjoy a full month of credit before that card’s billing cycle cut off. With 10 different billing cycles to choose from, you will find a cut-off date that best fit your payment needs. You also have 21 days after cut-off date to pay the bill amount, which gives you up to 51 credit free days in total.

Your American Express representative will help you create the best cycle cut-off dates to suit your specific needs. For more information on American Express corporate credit cards contact us at 2277 3310.

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