Make the most on your American Express Card

Make the most on your American Express Card

Tools and resources to help you keep track of corporate expenses and Card benefits, in the office and on the road.

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1. Activate your Card online

2. You can also reach us by calling +852 2277 2828

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Register for American Express Online Account - Manage Your Card Account (MYCA), view transactions virtually anytime and anywhere.


Manage Your Card Account (MYCA) Online User Guide


Want some help to navigate through your online account? We have prepared the Manage Your Card Account (MYCA) user guide for you. 

American Express® Expansion Reward Program


Enjoy bonus rewards such as cash vouchers or Membership Rewards® points while you spend to grow your business.

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Get complete control of your account at your fingertips. With the American Express Mobile App, you can view your statements, make payments and check your points balance from anywhere in the world.Download our app for iOS or for Android. 

Get Your Rewards


We have selected a wide range of exclusive offers at Offer Hub for our Corporate and Business Cardmembers, save while you spend for your business.

Secure Your Card 


1. Signing your Corporate Card or Business Card as soon as you receive it

2. Always checking that the Corporate Card or Business Card returned to you after use is your own Card and not someone else’s

3. Not releasing your Card number to other unauthorised people. If unsure, don’t give out your Card number

4. Keeping the magnetic strip on the back of the Card away from loose change, magnetic objects and other cards to avoid it being deactivated

5. For online purchases, please ensure that you are accessing a secure site

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Make Expenses Less Expensive


Every business spend earns you American Express Membership Rewards, which means savings though redeemed air travel and hotel stays, or dining and shopping benefits.