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Facilitating Business Growth

The American Express Corporate Card Programme helps small companies grow by providing short-term credit and cash flow when they need it most. Our international payment solution gives small companies global reach, allowing them to source materials in multiple currencies with ease.

JustGreen is Hong Kong’s largest chain of healthy lifestyle convenience stores, and it has ambitious growth plans. It offers a carefully curated selection of more than 10,000 food products, creating a one-stop shop for heath-oriented products. JustGreen’s suppliers are spread around the globe, creating the need for an efficient payment solution to deal with multiple currencies in an automated, transparent manner. Strong demand for its products has created new opportunities, but expansion requires additional cash flow and short term credit.

JustGreen has accepted American Express at its shops from the very beginning, and later on it took a step up to adopt the card as its primary business-to-business payment solution. Now JustGreen pays international suppliers with American Express, and the card’s flexible statement billing options have helped maximise cash flow. This has allowed the company to capitalise on new growth opportunities.

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