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Improving Expense Monitoring and Visibility

The American Express Corporate Card Programme helps small companies make foreign currency transactions with greater efficiency and simplicity. When they use our online account management tool, American Express @ WorkSM, they gain better visibility over spending and accounts, further improving their businesses.

9GAG is one of the world’s most popular social entertainment platforms where users generate and share humorous content. They make regular investments in web hosting servers and software, and most of these transactions are with overseas companies, conducted in foreign currencies. That resulted in increased operational complexity and high foreign exchange costs.

Although 9GAG is known for their humorous content, they are very professional and serious in improving their business, so they asked American Express for help. They implemented the American Express Corporate Card Programme for all of their overseas payments, which reduced their transaction and foreign exchange costs. Adopting American Express @WorkSM streamlined their payment processing, allowing the accounting team to focus on the more important task of growing the business. Now the company can make overseas payments quickly and economically while enjoying an efficient and transparent processing of all card payments.

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