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Master the skill of data-driven decision-making for your business with the help of our comprehensive spending reports.
@ Work Reporting Guide

We’re updating how you access your Customized Reports in American Express® @Work

Beginning May 13, 2022, you’ll no longer be able to access your new Customized Reports in the “Available Reports” section. Instead, the reports will automatically be saved to your "My AutoSaved Templates" folder for 15 days.
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@ Work Reporting Guided Tour

Take the Guided Tour to understand how to use each feature in @ Work Reporting.

Guided Tour

Video Tutorials

Navigate @ Work Reporting
@ Work Reporting
Learn to navigate through the
@ Work Reporting tool and make use of all the features and benefits of reporting within @ Work.
Build Reports
@ Work Reporting
This video illustrates how to navigate through the Build Reports section, find and manage templates, and build standard and customised reports.
View Reports
@ Work Reporting
Watch the video to get an overview of the View Reports section and the available options. Also, learn how to modify reports.
Robust Data Insights for Your Programme

Robust Data Insights for Your Programme


Download this PDF to access the available templates of various reports in @ Work Reporting.

Learn how to navigate through the @ Work tool and use the various reports. Follow these step-by-step instructions to view or build the report of your choice.

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