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Payment could be more convenient

Payment Convenience

Enjoy greater flexibility with different payment methods.

– payment is made by direct transfer from your bank account. To obtain the form (Autopay Authorization Form), call our Cardmember Hotline or click here to download the form.

Paybill (only eligible to make payment for Credit Card account)
– settle your bill from your pre-registered bank account. Please log in to your Online Service Account to register your bank account.

Card Direct
– make direct transfer from your bank account to settle your bill by calling our Card Direct Service Hotline 2277 2160. To enroll, call our Cardmember Hotline.

Pay by ATM, Internet Banking and Phone Banking1
– transfer funds from your HSBC/ Hang Seng Bank savings/current account to settle your bill by ATM; or visit and; or call the HSBC Hotline to transfer funds.

Payment By Phone Service (PPS)1
– please call 18031 for payment. The merchant code is "14". For more details, please call 90000 222 329.

1. Please make your payment at least one working day ahead of the payment due date.

Note: As some payment methods may require more processing time, we encourage you to pay your bills early to avoid incurring late fee and interest charges. Different payment channels have different cut-off times and the cut-off time is at the discretion of each such payment channel. Please ensure that American Express receives your payment before payment due date to avoid incurring late fee and interest charges.