THAI American Express Platinum Credit Card



Card Type                         Annual Fee
Credit Card                     
 4,280 Baht (VAT included)

Rewards Program
: Every Baht 25 = 1.5 points and every 1.8 points = 1 Royal Orchid Plus mile   


Credit Line: Up to 3 or 5 times of monthly average income (as the case may be) depending on your monthly average income

Interest Rate
: Interest Rate 13% per annum and Credit Usage Fee 5% per annum

Platinum Edge card art

Get ready and fly to your dream destinations with THAI

Turn your everyday spending into Royal Orchid Plus miles faster with THAI American Express® Platinum Credit Card per conditions*.

Woman shopping for clothes at a store

5,000 BONUS miles for the first purchased flight and travel to an international destination with THAI

Woman working on a tablet

Baht 30 = 1 mile from every spending

Man sitting outside on his latop

Baht 20 = 1 mile from the amount above Baht 100,000 but not exceeding Baht 500,000 

Woman repairing her bicycle

Baht 15 = 1 mile or Double miles from THAI ticket or Royal Orchid Holidays packages purchases

Woman smelling spices in a store

Up to Baht 5.8 = 1 mile at
Platinum EXTRA partners

What’s more, when you fly on the Royal First or the Royal Silk class, you can enjoy:

  • 50% BONUS Royal Orchid Plus miles redemption discount for a companion ticket award when you purchase a Royal First or Royal Silk Class ticket*.
  • 50% BONUS Royal Orchid Plus miles when you fly Royal First or Royal Silk Class on selected flights or routes*.

For more information, please call 0 2273 5445

*Terms and Conditions apply. Click below to see full Terms and Conditions.
**The award travel ticket is in THAI Economy Class which will be redeemed from Royal Orchid Plus program, according to Round Trip – THAI Air Awards Chart as shown on Thai Airways International PCL. reserves the right to impose or change the redemption rates without prior notice.

Terms and Conditions


1.  Receiving 5,000 BONUS Royal Orchid Plus miles from your first spending within the first 30 days of Card membership is a one-time offer for THAI American Express Platinum Credit Card members and Cardmembers will no longer be entitled to these benefits when re-applying for the Card at any time. BONUS Royal Orchid Plus miles will be credited to the qualifying Card member's Royal Orchid Plus membership account within 6-8 weeks following the month the annual fee paid and fu lfilling the spending requirement. These benefits are provided by Thai Airways International and Thai Airways International may cancel or change the benefit's Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.


2. Terms and Conditions of Double Royal Orchid Plus miles privilege
• The Double Royal Orchid Plus miles privilege is only available to a Basic Card member (“Basic Card member”) who purchases THAI tickets or Royal Orchid Holiday packages from THAI ticketing offices located in Thailand, THAI’s website, or American Express Global Business Travel (“Eligible Transaction”).
• The Double Royal Orchid Plus miles are a combination of:
     1. Regular THAI American Express Platinum points (“Regular Points”) that Basic Card member receives from Eligible Transactions. 
     2. BONUS Royal Orchid Plus miles (“BONUS Miles”) at the amount equivalent to a redemption of Regular Points from number (1) under an effective conversion rate during that specific period of time.
     For example: If Eligible Transaction is Baht 6,000
     A conversion rate of 1.5 points = 1 mile (effective until March 31, 2020) Card member will receive:
     - Regular Points = 360 points or equivalent to 240 miles and BONUS Miles = 240 miles
     A conversion rate of 1.8 points = 1 mile (effective from April 1, 2020 onwards) Card member will receive:
     - Regular Points = 360 points or equivalent to 200 miles and BONUS Miles = 200 miles 
• American Express (Thai) Co., Ltd. (“American Express”) will credit Regular Points to your Card account on the Eligible Transaction date and transfer BONUS Miles to the Basic Card member’s Royal Orchid Plus account within 90 days or more after the month of posted Eligible Transaction.     
• This privilege is only available to the Basic Card members, who meet the following criteria: i) all accounts of the Basic Card members with American Express are in good standing; and ii) the Basic Card members must not be in breach of any Terms and Conditions of American Express Card membership throughout the eligible period and up to the day their Royal Orchid Plus (ROP) accounts are credited with the BONUS Miles. 
• The offer is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash, unless otherwise indicated.
• Usage of Royal Orchid Plus Miles are subject to the Royal Orchid Plus Program terms and conditions. Please visit
• This privilege is provided by Thai Airways International which Thai Airways International may impose or change the Terms and Conditions applicable to this privilege. For more details, please refer to the Thai Airways International Terms and Conditions enclosed with THAI American Express Platinum Credit Card Welcome Pack.
• Merchant’s Terms & Conditions apply.
• American Express reserves the right to terminate or change the privilege's Terms and Conditions at any time in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 
• In the event of any dispute arising from this privilege, the decision of American Express shall be final and binding all related parties.